Here at QUALIFIED, we understand how vital it is to get your asset into marketable condition within the shortest time frame possible, all while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

To accomplish that goal, we offer a wide range of services on a nationwide basis.

A few examples of residential and commercial REO services we offer nationwide are listed below. However, if you don’t see what you require for your assets, please contact us and we will customize a solution just for you.

Securing Services

Upon determination of vacancy status, the asset will be secured, including changing the lock(s), installing padlocks, lockboxes, sliding locks, and window locks as necessary, and boarding or repairing any damaged opening allowing unauthorized entry, in accordance with local regulations, and Investor/Insurer guidelines.

Debris Removal

All exterior debris including health hazards and vehicles will be removed and discarded at a licensed facility. Any interior debris will be removed in accordance with Investor/Insurer guidelines, with the exception of personal property, which will remain until the eviction process or otherwise instructed by the asset manager.

Yard Maintenance

The initial or reoccurring yard maintenance will be performed including grass cut, edging, removal of clippings, weed removal, snow removal, incidental debris removal, shrubbery or trees trimmed, and flower beds weeded / replanted as needed.

Pool/Spa Securing & Maintenance

Any pool or spa present at the asset will be drained, shocked, covered, secured, and/or maintained in accordance with local regulations, as well as Investor/Insurer guidelines.
Janitorial Services (Sales Clean)

A full janitorial / sales clean will be completed to prepare the asset for market.  This includes sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floor coverings, cleaning all countertops, baseboards, cabinets, and closets, dusting ceiling fans, window sills, and molding, as well as thoroughly cleaning all bathrooms and kitchen appliances.

Scope of Repairs / Bid

A full scope of repairs will be provided to prepare the asset for marketable condition. Photos will be provided of any and all damages and items needed to get asset in marketable condition. We will provide an estimate to complete any of the required services listed above if deemed necessary.

REO Repeat Services

Repeat services will be performed on a reoccurring, scheduled basis as requested by the client. Examples of repeat services include inspections, yard maintenance, pool or spa maintenance, janitorial services, winterization checks, etc.

Other Preservation Services Include:
  • Rehab and Repairs
  • Winterization
  • Eviction Services