At QUALIFIED we understand we are your eyes and ears in the field and you rely on us for vital information regarding the condition of your asset.

  That is why at QUALIFIED we treat every property as if it were our own. A few examples of residential and commercial inspection services we offer nationwide are listed below. However, if you don’t see what you require for your assets, please contact us and we will customize a solution just for you.

Interior / Exterior Inspection

A complete interior and exterior inspection of the asset is performed and a detailed inspection report with photos provided that will list any and all damages along with a detailed list of repairs needed.

Drive By

No contact is made with the occupant. An exterior inspection is performed to assess occupancy status and damages, with photos included.

Occupancy Inspection

The identity of the occupants will be documented, as well as attempt to make direct contact. An exterior inspection will be performed to assess occupancy status and damages if applicable, with photos included.


An attempt to make direct contact with the occupant will take place to obtain the occupant’s name and phone number. If direct contact cannot be made, additional research will be done. A call back card will be left for the occupant to contact the client. By default, up to three attempts including a weekend attempt will be made.

Insurance Loss Draft

An appointment will be set up with the occupant and/or contractor to meet and assess repairs completed on the insurance claim and in accordance with the scope of work. Photos are provided to show existing conditions, completed and pending repairs, in addition to providing percentage of completed and remaining work.
203K Inspection

The asset will be inspected based on the scope of work provided, as outlined by the insurer guidelines utilizing the HUD quality control inspection form.

Rent Inspection

A detailed inspection will be conducted to gather tenant information. The inspector will provide tenant name, phone number, the name and phone number to whom rent is paid, date of lease agreement, and any other pertinent information.

Quality Control Inspection

A thorough review will take place to document the current condition of the asset. Continuous inspections of the work will be performed on the asset to ensure it is defect free in regards to the services rendered.

Tainted Drywall Inspection

A detailed inspection will be performed to identify the presence and location of problematic drywall (aka Chinese drywall.) The inspection is accompanied by a remediation plan of action.

Property Condition Report (PCR)

A pre-appraisal inspection will be performed. An exterior inspection will be completed and compared to surrounding homes and neighborhoods. The report will notate the condition of the asset including any geographical details relating to the subject asset or within the neighborhood.